*LODE*, in my opinion – one of the best hat shops in Second Life, but who really cares what I think? Anyways, *LODE* Hats by Chirzaka Vlodovic has released a brand new version of the Fredi hat which I blogged a while ago. This version comes with 6 unique textures that are very different than it’s predecessor. Chirzaka has done […]

. sub__

Hello bloggers! I’ve recently not been blogging as often as I was before because I’ve been working on my outfits for the AVENUE Models Casting, which has taken up a lot of my time, BUT I am finally done and submitted my stylings. I’ll be sure to post them soon once a picture I had […]

. happy holidays

I hope you all had happy holidays and a fabulous New Year. Welcome to 2013! I’ve been meaning to post my style details, but thought I’d wait till after the craziness of the holidays, enjoy and more coming soon! Hat . DRIFT Pimpin’ Hat – Candy Cane (New color!) Sweater . SAKIDE – First Frost Pull (NEW […]