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Hello bloggers! I’ve recently not been blogging as often as I was before because I’ve been working on my outfits for the AVENUE Models Casting, which has taken up a lot of my time, BUT I am finally done and submitted my stylings. I’ll be sure to post them soon once a picture I had done for one of them is complete so keep an eye out. Also, my friend Absinthe asked me to join her in 2 spreads in the latest edition of AVENUE Magazine January 2013 and we tried to show off as many accessories as possible in one of assigned spreads (pictured above). It was a huge honor to make a quick appearance in a magazine I absolutely love.

Style details for the picture above are listed here :

Hair . [Burley] – Hans – Black

Facial Piercings . Pekka Esoteric Unisex Piercing (New)

Collar . [CheerNo X] – Leash Muriel

Ring . [CheerNo] LUV! Ring – Silver (New – The Dressing Room Exclusive)

Left Bracelet . [Mandala] Utamaro – Silver Metal (New)

Right Bracelet . [Mandala] Reiki – Black Diamond

Please read AVENUE Magazine January 2013 for Absinthe’s style details!




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